Friday, April 29, 2011

Anthony Oropeza at The Latino Comics Expo

Traveling from Kansas City to join us at the first ever LATINO COMICS EXPO is Anthony Oropeza, the creator of AMIGOMAN.


Anthony created AMIGOMAN in the late 1990s, and ever since then he's become a very active member of the Kansas City community. He teaches free comic book art classes to local students throughout the area, and often visits schools and libraries to talk to the kids about his own work and also about careers in art.

Anthony gears his work to both entertain and educate. He publishes bilingual editions of his comics in both English and Spanish, and even produces stories for various reading levels. A true believer in his local community, he often asks for students to donate a canned good when they attend his free workshops.

On his to comics, Anthony says "As a kid I was really amazed at how they made it look so real and how cool it looked on the page. On top of that, the good guys always prevailed and showed a huge amount of courage - no matter what. But as I got older the reading complimented the art and vice versa. A deeper relationship for the story and the art as a one grew. I don't remember most of the artists and writers - but I know what I like when I read or see it. I guess that's what matters when I put a book out - I am not concerned that someone will know my name at all - my main concern, I guess, is that they will like the art and get the message in the words - and maybe laugh at the comedy more than the flaws in the book."

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