Monday, April 25, 2011

Carlos Saldaña at The Latino Comics Expo

The creator of the all-ages comic BURRITO, Jack-Of-All-Trades will be appearing at the Latino Comics Expo. Carlos Saldaña, writer and artist, brings his fun-filled stories of the time traveling little donkey to the Cartoon Art Museum on May 7 & 8.

Carlos first started publishing BURRITO under his own imprint ACCENT COMICS in1994. In addition to those comics, Carlos has also created numerous animated shorts featuring Burrito and often guest-starring other independent comic book creations such as Richard Dominguez's EL GATO NEGRO and Rafael Navarro's SONAMBULO. He's also created an animated short detailing the history of the controversial Chavez Ravine story.

A comedian as well as a comic book creator, Carlos has performed numerous stints at local Los Angeles comedy clubs such as the Ice House and The Comedy Store.

As a special to the Latino Comics Expo, and also to commemorate Free Comic Book Day which falls on Saturday, May 7th (the first day of the Expo), Carlos has produced a limited amount of reprints of his sold-out BURRITO #1 and #2, which he's giving away for free. He's made 200 copies of these special ashcan editions, and he's operating on a "first-come, first-served" basis. In addition to his own work, Carlos will also be selling comic books by Richard Dominguez, creator of EL GATO NEGRO, another long-time Mexican-American pioneer in the field of self-published comics.

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