Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frederick Aldama at The Latino Comics Expo

One of our two Special Guests at the LATINO COMICS EXPO is Frederick Luis Aldama. Frederick is an Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of English at Ohio State University, as well as a writer and editor of 11 books.

Among the books he's written, and one on which he'll be speaking about at the Expo, is "YOUR BRAIN ON LATINO COMICS".

"Though the field of comic book studies has burgeoned in recent years, Latino characters and creators have received little attention. Putting the spotlight on this vibrant segment, Your Brain on Latino Comics illuminates the world of superheroes Firebird, Vibe, and the new Blue Beetle while also examining the effects on readers who are challenged to envision such worlds."

The book discusses the work of and features interviews with LATINO COMICS EXPO attendees Hector Cantú, Rhode Montijo, Carlos Saldaña, Javier Hernandez, Rafael Navarro and Anthony Oropeza and. Also featured in the book are such artists as Laura Molina, Frank Espinosa,  Carlos Castellanos, Richard Dominguez, Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez, Wilfred Santiago, Ivan Velez Jr. and many other Latino practitioners of the comics arts.

Professor Aldama will present a talk at the Expo on Saturday, May 7. Spinning out of his book Your Brain on Latino Comics, he'll be giving a brief overview of Latinos in mainstream comics followed by an in-depth discussion of what Latino comic book authors-artists have been creating. Some of his books will be available for purchase at the Expo. Due to a prior commitment, Professor Aldama will only be in attendance on Saturday, May 7.

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