Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hector Cantu at The Latino Comics Expo

Hector Cantu, the writer and co-creator of the BALDO newspaper strip, will be appearing at the LATINO COMICS EXPO on May 7 & 8 in San Francisco at the Cartoon Art Museum.

BALDO was launched back in 2000 by Universal Press Syndicate. BALDO's cast of characters include the Bermudez family, and the stories center around the 15 year son, Baldo and his many humorous adventures growing up with his younger sister Gracie.

Illustrated by co-creator Carlos Castellanos, the BALDO strip appears in over 200 daily and Sunday newspapers nationwide. For the Expo, Hector will be selling a brand-new BALDO comic book collection, as well as a previous collection called THE LOWER YOU RIDE, THE COOLER YOU ARE and a collection of stories featuring Baldo's sister Gracie, CHICA POWER.

In addition to writing BALDO, Hector is a frequent speaker at colleges and universities, having appeared at Notre Dame, Purdue, UT-Austin and many others. He's represented by the American Program Bureau and Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau. He's also the Editorial Director of Heritage Auction Galleries, and has co-edited the new book Collectible Movie Posters.

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