Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jose Cabrera at The Latino Comics Expo

Jose Cabrera, creator of the CRYING MACHO MAN online comic, will be debuting a brand-new book at the Latino Comics Expo on May 7 & 8 in San Francisco.

CRYING MACHO MAN debuted on the web in 2005, and since that time Jose has compiled two book collections of the early strips, "The Premiere Crying Macho Man Collection: Prime Cut" and "You So Loco!". The comic strip originally began as a vehicle for satirical looks at politics, culture, celebrities and 'Latin machismo'. Since that time, Jose has introduced a growing stable of characters that often reappear in screwball situations. The humor in the strips varies from screwball comedy to bawdy gags.

About the new collection, MACHO AND THE GANG: "Follow Macho, Goya, his trusty fighting cock, and Berto as they get into hot water with a cast of baddies that include Warty Witches, Gunky Ghosts, Delicious Drug Dealers and a few hundred acupuncture needles. Enjoy this first ever collection of Macho and the Gang and their zany adventures."

Come down to the Latino Comics Expo at the Cartoon Art Museum on May 7 & 8 meet Jose Cabrera and his whole cast of Crying Macho Man stars.  Here are some exclusive samples from MACHO AND THE GANG:

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