Friday, April 15, 2011

Rhode Montijo at The Latino Comics Expo

Here on the blog, we'll be spotlighting all the invited creators who'll be attending the first ever LATINO COMICS EXPO this May 7 & 8 at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco.

Rhode Montijo is the creator of the Xeric Award-winning comic book, PABLO'S INFERNO. It's a  5 issue series about a young boy who goes to Hell, and after meeting up there with an Aztec diety, embarks on a mystical journey that takes him, ultimately, to his destiny. At an appearance at a California library, Rhode shared with the young audience his inspirations for the story: Video of Rhode at the Salinas Library.

Following PABLO'S INFERNO, Rhode started illustrating children's story books, another life-long passion of his. In addition to creating the art for the MELVIN BEEDERMAN series, he's also written and illustrated CLOUD BOY and THE HALLOWEEN KID.

For the LATINO COMICS EXPO, Rhode will be bringing some new creations with him:

A new printing of his preview book for SKELETOWN, a story about an enchanted town where everyday is Dia de Los Muertos.

And just in time for the show, this very unique die-cut card and envelope set:

He's also created a new batch of t-shirts featuring PABLO'S INFERNO's masked luchador, EL CALAMBRE:

Rhode will be one of the dozen creators at the LATINO COMICS EXPO. Please come and support the show and meet this diverse group of talented artists.


  1. Amaazing! You know I'll be there at the 1st's going to be "chingon"