Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grasiela Rodriguez at The Latino Comics Expo

Attending the LATINO COMICS EXPO is artist Grasiela Rodriguez, who'll be debuting her 'motion comic' version of her recently published comic book, LUNATIC FRINGE.

Grasiela's prolific output in art can be seen in art galleries, chalk festivals, animated shorts, and now comic books. In her own words, she shares some thoughts about her artwork and herself:

"It started with a boy and a girl, and a heart, and a game… LUNATIC FRINGE is a story of love, hate, and redemption told through classic rock and roll music. I'm hrilled about appearing at the First Annual Latino Comic Book Festival. I made my first comic last year, "LUNATIC FRINGE", and am currently working on a second series titled “SPADRA” to be released in the early fall of 2011. For the Latino Comic Book festival I've animated a censored version of my comic book story which deals with finding one’s identity and finding one’s way in the world. It’s drawn in a cute girly-girl style that’s a mix of indy comics with a slight lowbrow influence. I like to work with limited color palettes so that colors can become part of the storytelling process. In the future, I'd also like to collect all of my stories into graphic novels.

Living with art involves effort, but the effort is worth it--Art stretches my intellectual horizons, taps my emotions, deepens my humanity and makes me less alone in the world. I work as a graphic designer, and as an artist that means I'm always in “create” mode. Please stop by my table to get your free 'SLOW RIDE' button while supplies last!"

Grasiela's LUNATIC FRINGE Motion Comic will be screening at 2pm this Saturday, May 7 at the LATINO COMICS EXPO, held inside the CARTOON ART MUSEUM. She'll also have a table for both days where you can meet her and purchase her comics. 

To see one of Grasiela's animated shorts, click here>  NERISSA AND CORDELIA IN 'The Cell Phone Jerk'.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rafael Navarro at The Latino Comics Expo

Appearing at the inaugural LATINO COMICS EXPO is Rafael Navarro, creator of the international cult comic book SONAMBULO. The book features a blend of film noir crime fiction with a surreal, supernatural atmosphere, drawing much inspiration from classic American comics books and the masked wrestlers from Mexico.

Rafael began his Xerix Award-winning in 1996, and since then has been chronicling the adventures of his signature character, traveling across the country to innumerable comic shows and festivals. Over the years Rafael has also worked for numerous publishers, among his most recent assignments have been an issue of "GUMBY'S GANG starring POKEY" (written by fellow Expo attendee Michael Aushenker) and a story for the new anthology

 In addition to his many comic book credits, Rafael is also an Emmy Award-winning storyboard artist. Along with bringing his entire Sonambulo catalog to the Expo, Rafael will also be accepting commissions for sketches from attendees.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jaime Crespo at The Latino Comics Expo

Attending the first ever LATINO COMICS EXPO is Bay Area cartoonist/folk artist Jaime Crespo. Jaime's comics include Tales From the Edge of Hell and comic books Tortilla, Narcolepsy Dreams, Slices and Numb Skull. Jaime's work has appeared in newspapers, zines, books and comics in the U.S. and abroad.
 Jaime has also contributed artwork for gallery shows. In fact, during the same weekend as the Expo, Jaime is actually curating and exhibiting in a group show on Friday, May 6. Held at Toby's Feed Barn in San Anselmo, CA.,  the show is called "FOUR MEXICANS AND A WHITE GIRL WALK INTO A GALLERY". Also exhibiting in that same show is LATINO COMICS EXPO co-founder/exhibitor Javier Hernandez.

In addition to his comics and artwork, Jaime hosts "FAULTLINE RADIO WITH JAIME CRESPO" every Tuesday evening from 8:30-10:30 pm on KWMR.

For the EXPO, Jaime will be debuting two new books, TORTILLA 2 and LAST SLICE. He's provided us with some sample images from the books. Please come visit Jaime and the other creators at the Cartoon Art Museum on May 7 & 8 for the LATINO COMICS EXPO.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mario Hernandez at The Latino Comics Expo

Mario Hernandez, co-founder of the LOVE & ROCKETS comic book series, will be attending the first ever LATINO COMICS EXPO in San Francisco on May 7 & 8. He's one of the Special Guests.

LOVE & ROCKETS began in 1981, and since then has been among the most highly regarded of independent comic books. Mario, the eldest of 4 brothers and 1 sister, encouraged his brothers Jaime and Gilbert to create their own comics. Mario published the first b&w issue of LOVE & ROCKETS, featuring work by Jaime and Gilbert, and has contributed to it occasionally over the years.

Recently, Mario collaborated with Gilbert on the Dark Horse Comics series, CITIZEN REX. Among Mario's previous comics is the one-shot BRAIN CAPERS, published by Fantagraphics Books. 

Mario is scheduled to appear both days, where he'll do a signing and also a reading of one of his works.