Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grasiela Rodriguez and Jaime Crespo at the 2012 Latino Comics Expo

The LATINO COMICS EXPO returns to the world-famous CARTOON ART MUSEUM in San Francisco this May 5 & 6, 2012. Among our returning creators from last year's Expo will be Jaime Crespo and Grasiela Rodriguez.

Grasiela Rodriguez is a graphic artist, illustrator, writer, fine artist, and independent animator based out of the Los Angeles/Inland Empire area, and is the founder of Not Your Friend Comic Books, creating comic book art about people and places in Pomona, CA. Her characters emanate innocence with a hint of hard earned wisdom. Drawing from life experiences, people and their romantic feelings are a central theme throughout her work. This year she brings her new graphic novel project to Latino Comics Expo, "SPADRA:  Ghostly Appropriations Of A Town That Time
Her paintings/illustrations are currently represented by EVE Gallery in Pomona, CA. Her self publishing company, fine art, events, commissions, blogs, and all other multimedia can be seen and acquired at her website www.projectunit83.com, where she can be contacted directly

Also joining us again this year is Bay Area cartoonist, Jaime Crespo
Born about a zillion years ago in the region of the world now referred to as California, Jaime Crespo has been writing, drawing, and publishing comics for over thirty years. Okay, he’s been drawing and writing them for a heck of a lot longer than that and he has also had a number of publishers, editors, and the like but never really enjoyed answering to “the man.”
So, in the punk rock DIY spirit, Mr. Crespo continues to appear in loads of self-published comic books as well as others anthologies, weekly newspapers, magazines, art magazines, art shows (group and solo) and a whole slew of stuff you’ve probably never heard of and he continues to do so to this very moment, unabated in spite of his age, ailing health, and tenuous grasp on reality.

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