Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest comic from Japan: DJ CAT GOSSHIE by Harukichi

I was sent an email by a Japanese cartoonist by the name of Harukichi. Among other things, he does a comic called DJ Cat Gosshie. Harukichi sent this comic to share with our site:

DJ Cat Gosshie © Harukishi
This work is surreal, poetic and just beautiful! DJ Gosshie is a great idea, imaginatively executed. Check out the other strips on Harukichi's site. Probably my favorite has got to be the poignant and evocative "DJ CAT GOSSHIE PLAYS THE FAREWELLSONGS FOR AN OLD STRUGGLING SINGER".

Harukishi also mentioned that he contributes to a Japanese publication LATIN AMERICA MAGAZINE

It's great to see a worldwide interest in comics evolving from the Latino culture. Many thanks to Harukishi-san for sharing his comic with us.

Javier Hernandez
Co-founder, Latino Comics Expo

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