Monday, December 10, 2012

Guest comic from Japan: DJ CAT GOSSHIE by Harukichi

I was sent an email by a Japanese cartoonist by the name of Harukichi. Among other things, he does a comic called DJ Cat Gosshie. Harukichi sent this comic to share with our site:

DJ Cat Gosshie © Harukishi
This work is surreal, poetic and just beautiful! DJ Gosshie is a great idea, imaginatively executed. Check out the other strips on Harukichi's site. Probably my favorite has got to be the poignant and evocative "DJ CAT GOSSHIE PLAYS THE FAREWELLSONGS FOR AN OLD STRUGGLING SINGER".

Harukishi also mentioned that he contributes to a Japanese publication LATIN AMERICA MAGAZINE

It's great to see a worldwide interest in comics evolving from the Latino culture. Many thanks to Harukishi-san for sharing his comic with us.

Javier Hernandez
Co-founder, Latino Comics Expo

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Remembering Spain Rodriguez (1940-2012)

This past May, the Latino Comics Expo was proud to have hosted Spain Rodriguez on a panel and in our art exhibit. Sadly, the underground comics legend passed away on November 28 after a long battle with cancer. He made a great effort to attend the Expo, as he was under the stress of fighting the disease, but didn't want to miss appearing.

Spain Rodriguez and Mario Hernandez (r) during their panel at the Latino Comics Expo, held this past May at the Cartoon Art Museum.

Latino Comics Expo co-founder Ricardo Padilla, who spent time with Spain as they prepared for his appearance at the Expo, offers this personal remembrance of the late cartoonist and pioneer.

The Latino Comics Expo was honored and privileged to have had Legendary Comix hero, Spain Rodriguez,  as a participant in our 2nd Annual Expo this past May 2012, at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco .
At first, I have to admit , I was a bit scared that he would dismiss our little Expo, but my worries were unfounded as he quickly agreed to participate in a panel discussion with his old pal , Mario Hernandez of LOVE & ROCKETS. I like to believe that my description of the Latino Comics Expo as a hardcore DIY/Independent Creators only/"Pura Raza"/rock n roll convention convinced him.  Of course, the panel was indeed amazing....Spain speaking of his early influences and sharing how important artistically his mother was to him.
We were touched by his generous spirit, his kindness, and his willingness to support and encourage artists and their dreams.   He even agreed to be part of our Art Show, LA RAZA COMICA, which premiered at the Cartoon Art Museum after our Expo and just recently closed this past September 2012; exhibiting beautiful original panels from his CHE graphic novel and other drawings of Native American medicinal rites.  Other participating artists conveyed to me how honored they were to have had their work "hanging" next to the incredible Spain Rodriguez'!
I was fortunate to have spent a couple of memorable afternoons talking with Spain and his wife at their home in San Francisco's Bernal Heights and was able to look over his impressive collection of military figurines and also to see sketches of future projects.  We discussed Che Guevera, Benito Juarez and the French Military Campaign against him, and of old Johnny Ace records.
I will always treasure these memories of Spain Rodriguez and will never forget the encouragement and support he lent to the Latino Comics Expo.   He was a True Revolutionary and and an honorable man.  My fondest memory is of him in the Museum's "green room" after his panel discussion, smiling with his wife and daughter.....savoring one of my mom's "chile verde" burritos....
I am so glad that we were able to host and honor such a wonderful artista.  

Gracias, Spain!  We Love You. "Hasta Siempre"